paolo tibig
Filipino Leadership Speaker

Paulo Tibig delivers engaging, educational, and experiential talks, as well as his consistent sharing of real-life strategies and principles to his audience.

Through his years of experience being a corporate and business practitioner, he developed frameworks, concepts and principles for sales, culture building, leadership, management, customer service and management which are proven effective over the years. With these, he designed carefully crafted signature programs through which he is able to reach various local and multinational companies- from real estate, insurance, pharmacies, FMCGs, and other industries enabling thousands of motivated individuals.

He is also a certified, internationally acknowledged executive/team coach capacitating individuals, groups and organizations with transformational change and values.

An award-winning entrepreneur and widely recognized for leading corporate and business plenaries - A fixture in general assemblies, conferences, summits, and kick-offs, providing business owners, executives, employees, and students with powerful and practical high-value ways to grow and reach their full potential so that they can become champions in their personal and professional careers.

The bestselling author of the book “Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur” and the recently released “STANDOUT: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values”. He is also a go-to regular resource person on national TV and radio shows and programs.

Signature Program

Mindset of Champions Keynote

These are experiential keynotes that circles on Paulo Tibig’s wholistic Mindset of Champions framework that focuses on developing the Core, Customers, Products/Services, Strategies and Results optimized for individual and organizational success.

Signature Program

CAVS @ Work

This program zeroes in on what values, attitudes, and culture are and how they play the crucial part in success over crisis of employees and organizations in this session.

Signature Program

Love of Work Program: Why Employees Need To Love Their Job More Than Ever

This program aims to help teams in adapting thru the changes by winning the battles internally and externally and rekindle the spirit back to pursuing organizational success.

Signature Program


This program aids in developing the best practices and values of a leader anchored on the two standout leadership cornerstones, ethics and excellence.

Signature Program

Agile Leadership: Culture Strategy and Management

This program is designed to help the organization and its team members develop agility and resiliency in the evolving organizational and business landscape.

Supported with S.E.E.D.S Model (Scan, Establish, Experiment, Deploy, Sustain), this program is developed to address the effects disruptive environment to organizations.

Signature Program

ZONED – Building High Performance Teams

This program is focused on developing teams to be “IN THE ZONE” to produce optimal results in unified team manner.

This program puts emphasis on identifying key roles with each individual gaining mental toughness, natural high and alignment of skillset to achieve team goals.

Signature Program

Sales Masters' Program

This 8-part intensive sales program will provide sales professionals the winning mindset and mastery in product knowledge, customer relationship establishment, leads generation, effecting questioning, negotiating and closing; all vital and crucial for increasing sales performance and business growth.

Signature Program


With the ever-evolving demands in customer experience, this front line management program is designed to ensure relevance anchored on the moments of truth principle, proprietary archetypes, and best practices for customer centric framing.

Signature Program

Simplified Strategic Planning

This workshop will provide participants with valuable insights to help you develop attainable plans and programs in a simplified and objective manner. It will cover crafting the foundations of an organization, execution of plans and development of performance measures and all other essentials that is critical to the achieval of the company's/organization's business objectives supported with proprietary strategic planning framework.

Signature Program

The Next Ladder

This training will equip newly promoted leaders and leaders for retraining with fresh perspectives, useful tools, real workplace scenarios and frameworks to be utilized to give a head start and stability to manage teams.

Signature Program

Esprit de Corps

This program focuses on establishing healthy team relationship, emphasizing the importance of working as one through real workplace behavioral intervention during discussions anchored on the proprietary TEAM model.

Signature Program

Journey to Prosperity: Practical Principles to Develop Discipline Towards Prosperity

This program highlights prosperity being achievable through personal financial discipline. It features our originally developed D.E.S.S. Principle (Donate, Earn, Save, Spend), an easy-to-follow way to manage your finances to put individuals on track to their financial goals.

Signature Program

Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur

This program takes on the practical. time tested and proven strategies on how to be successful in entrepreneurship based on Paulo Tibig’s best-selling book, Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur.

Signature Program

Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Potential

This program is aims to guide aspiring entrepreneurs discover their entrepreneurial potential with the help of Personal Entrepreneurship Competencies (PECs), eliminate the barriers and guide them to what it takes to be successful in business.

Signature Program

Building Business Blueprint

These are highly sought customizable entrepreneurship programs based on Paulo Tibig’s proven experience and expertise in managing businesses. These programs stand on his time-tested C.H.A.M.P. Principle which through the years, made him the champion entrepreneur that he is today.




Standout: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values

A leader is faced with many challenges and tests in the course of his corporate and business career- from office politics, power play, loss of passion and the temptation to resort to unethical business practices in order to get ahead. Some people are so hungry for success that they would do anything to get it even at the expense of their personal values.

This book tells a store of four young leaders who as they journey along the corporate path, discover the valuable lessons they need to learn to succeed with their integrity intact.

Using fictional storytelling to illustrate the different kinds of leaders in the corporate world and part workbook, Standout will help you become the leader you are called to be, the orange among apples - a champion leader with a heart.


Strategies of a Champion

Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur

Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur gives you 10 guidelines for your entrepreneurial journey towards success. This book presents experiential, engaging and educational perspectives on business for aspiring, starting and existing entrepreneurs. Be one step closer in making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Prepare and equip yourself with strategies of champion entrepreneurs.

For a Champion Entrepreneur, one of the secrets to success is preparation. Through this book, Paulo Tibig wishes to share his personal lessons, thoughts and experiences that have propelled him towards business success. These are proven strategies that continue to work not only for him but for other Entrep Champs in the Philippines.