Filipino Motivational Speaker

Paulo Tibig, is a celebrated Filipino motivational speaker and one of the most famous filipino speakers in the Philippines today. He is renowned for his “learnjoyment” brand of keynotes and workshops.

Motivational Speaker, Paulo Tibig, is a real corporate & business practitioner with solid on the ground experience in managing companies and businesses in Manila for more than two decades, making him relevant and in touch of the real workplace conditions which many sees as his competitive advantage as a Filipino public speaker.

Motivational Speaker in The Philippines

Paulo Tibig delivers engaging, educational, and experiential talks, as well as his consistent sharing of real-life strategies and principles to his audience during as a public speaker in the Philippines.

Through his years of experience being a corporate and business practitioner, he developed frameworks, concepts and principles for sales, culture building, leadership, management, and customer service which are proven effective over the years. With these, he designed carefully crafted signature programs through which he is able to reach various local and multinational companies- from real estate, insurance, pharmacies, FMCGs, and other industries enabling thousands of motivated individuals.

Filipino inspirational speaker, Paulo Tibig is not only a well known public speaker but is also a certified and internationally acknowledged executive/team coach capacitating individuals, groups and organizations with transformational change and values.

Paulo Tibig is an award-winning entrepreneur and widely recognized for leading corporate and business plenaries – A fixture in general assemblies, conferences, summits, and kick-offs, providing business owners, executives, employees, and students with powerful and practical high-value ways to grow and reach their full potential so that they can become champions in their personal and professional careers.

He is also one of the Philippines’ best-selling motivational and leadership authors who wrote the bestselling book “Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur” and the recently released “STANDOUT: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values”. He is also a go-to regular resource person on national TV and radio shows and programs.

Signature Speaking Program

ZONED – Building High Performance Teams
This program is focused on developing teams to be in the zone to produce optimal results in unified team manner with tools and frameworks for collaborative work approach.




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