Are You and Alexandrite or a Zirconia?

The competition in Sales is as fierce as it can get. With so many professionals getting into Sales, acquiring customers can be a great challenge especially in our situation today.

If you are a Sales Professional, it is just imperative that you standout from the rest.

I compare Sales Professionals to two very different stones: Alexandrite and Zirconia

Alexandrite: very rare, the most valuable gemstone of all.

Zirconia: very common, inexpensive substitute to diamond, imitation

Question is, which among the two are you?

Are you the common Zirconia?
- only after the Sale
- same selling style as others
- hides crucial info to customers

Or are you the one-of-a-kind Alexandrite?
- passionate to help with Sale
- uncovers customer's need and makes the right offer
- honest and transparent

Let's choose to be an Alexandrite in the competition full of Zirconias.