Are you RUSHian or URGENTinian? How to Avoid Cramming to Be More Productive at Work

Crammer or Last Miler ka ba?!
Here are ways to change a "cramming habit"

Remember RUSH!

R- Reinforce self-discipline
- Never mix up work with leisure. Have a dedicated time to dig deep on your deliverables.

U- Understand the consequences of cramming
- Saying NO to cramming means saying NO to substandard work outputs and stress

S- Seek guidance from others
- Never assume that you know everything. It's important to clarify your tasks and understand how you will execute it.

H- Heat up early!
- Starting early gives you more momentum and confidence to finish your deliverables on time at its best quality

Have a productive work week and stop being RUSHians and URGENTinians­čśŐ