While many individuals today lost their living, there are still who are currently employed who takes their job for granted. While we can all recognize that working today can be harder because of our situation, have you imagined yourself being on the other side? Imagine yourself having no work, Do you think you will be more comfortable with your situation? THE ONLY WAY TO REALIZE HOW TO VALUE YOUR WORK IS WHEN YOU VISUALIZE YOURSELF HAVING NONE. Yes, we can expect and be hopeful that our situation will improve, but we can still choose to be value what we have right now. Friends, remember, working today can be hard, but being not able to provide for our self and our family is a lot harder. Choose to value your job today! SHARE and TAG your friends to add value to them to start the week. :) #PauloTibig #FilipinoMotivationalSpeaker #FilipinoKeynoteSpeaker #WorkplaceExcellencePH -- With employee performance more crucial than ever, now is the best time to have them motivated and trained. Make them value their work a whole lot more. Bring our Love of Work Program to your company! Message us for bookings at paulotibigcorporatetrainings@gmail.com or contact us at 0917-8855944 or 0917-5535898. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more relevant topics: Click here! Join our growing professional community: Workplace Excellence PH