Huwag Masyadong Choosy sa Work Opportunity

The struggle today to get employed is real.

There are so many individuals looking for a job today but the sad reality is not everyone will get a fair share of opportunity.

Are you looking for a job today? Is it okay to be choosy?

As much as I support aiming high, I believe that we should also set our expectations based on the reality.

Switch from being an IDEALIST to REALIST (as shared in our Love of Work Program: Why Employees Need to Love Their Job More Than Ever)

IDEALIST: Holds high expectations from the company
REALIST: Temper expectations. Prove first your worth to be recognized by the company.

IDEALIST: Prefers conducive working environment
REALIST: Accept and be happy with what the company has to

IDEALIST: Believes in a fairy tale story that getting work is easy and options are available
REALIST: Wakes up. Consider the opportunity presented to you.

Remember: Opportunity gets by really quick. Don’t let it pass because you'll never know when will it come again. Kaya kung ako sa'yo huwag kang masyadong choosy sa work opportunity. 🙂