It's been months since we started conducting the Love of Work Program: Why Employees Need to Their Job More Than Ever for many organizations both private and public. Just recently we decided to capture the insights of our audiences within the program using poll questions, one of which is the question "What are the things you are grateful for in your work in the current situation?" As we expect answers like "privilege to keep my benefits" or "recognition for my contributions" to come up, something else stood up from the rest.. (note: this result has been consistent for every organization we conducted this to) The most popular answer was "THEY ARE GRATEFUL FOR THE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES GIVEN TO THEM" You might be surprised as we were but this just goes to show that employees who CARE for their work and their organization really appreciate the motivation and trainings given to enable them to contribute more. Let us continue to motivate and train people in our workplace. It is a win-win situation, employees will be happy to perform as they are well-motivated, we will bounce back and thrive further. - Equip your team to love their job even more in these crucial times, Bring our Love of Work Program to your company! Message us for bookings at paulotibigcorporatetrainings@gmail.com or contact us at 0917-8855944 or 0917-5535898. Join our growing professional community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/workplaceexcellencep