How to Manage Virtual Stress

Are we used to the virtual work setup already? With subsequent meetings, long hours and days, working from home has become a significant source of stress for us. How do we cope up with this? Let me share to you how to D.E.S.T.R.E.S.S. in meetings…

Ikot-Ikot Lang

You may have listened to one of Sarah G's hit single, "Ikot-Ikot Lang". Did you know that it has also become a buzz word in the workplace? Colleagues are called as " Sarah G" or "Ikot-ikot Lang" when: 1. Chika-Minute They spend hours in the…

Behind Every Talk

My heart goes to fellow speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches on this matter.. Lately we've been blessed to be busy with so many engagements, but some companies and organizations who want me to engage with their team want me to speak for free. Don't get…

DREAM, BELIEVE, ACT: Takeaways from Manny Pacquiao’s Journey to Success

Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao made us proud once again. He put up an amazing fight against the younger, bigger Ugas in what could be his last fight as a boxer. Though he fell short to win, we cannot discredit his prestigious record. He had nothing left…

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