A Collection of Best Motivational Quotes by Paulo Tibig

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Paulo Tibig is an exceptional speaker who captivates, educates, and immerses his audience in an enlightening experience. Drawing from his extensive background as a seasoned corporate and business practitioner, Paulo has cultivated a repertoire of practical strategies and principles that he eagerly shares with his listeners.

Throughout his career, Paulo has honed frameworks, concepts, and principles that have consistently proven effective in sales, culture building, leadership, management, and customer service. These invaluable insights have empowered countless local and multinational companies across diverse sectors such as real estate, insurance, pharmacies, FMCGs, and more, leaving a trail of inspired and motivated individuals in their wake.

Join us as we delve into the world of Paulo Tibig, a Filipino motivational speaker whose expertise and passion leave an indelible impact on those fortunate enough to experience his teachings. Here are his most noted motivational and inspirational quotes:

“Lean On Me! As leaders, ipadama natin na we are there with our team, one that they can lean on.

“Ikot-ikot lang” with Chika-Minute, Busy-Busyhanm Mindless Browsing, Levi’s 501 or first to leave the office while arriving late, and over-breaking are the behaviors in the office 

Find your flow, not your flaw – Tapping your inner potential and unleashing your full creativity and productivity and finding the perfect balance between challenge and skill, where you are fully engaged and in the zone.

Team Building is People Building” – When you build people you build team, when you build team you then build organization

Leaders – Spider or Starfish? – The starfish is an interesting analogy when it comes to leadership excellence because it represents the power of one individual despite its small size, the starfish has the ability to regenerate its limbs and even its entire body if necessary, making it a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

Don’t Force People to Follow You, instead model your values so that others naturally follow suit – Trying to force people to follow you is not an effective leadership approach. While it may produce short-term results, it is unlikely to produce long-lasting change. Instead, being a positive influence and embodying good values can be a more effective way to inspire others and promote positive behaviors in the workplace.

Be A Vibrator of Positivity in Your Workplace – In many workplaces, Mondays are often dreaded by employees. It’s a day that can feel overwhelming and lacking the rest needed after the weekend. However, exceptional employees approach Mondays differently. They radiate positivity throughout the workplace, inspiring their team to start the week with energy and motivation to achieve results.

Committed o Kumitid? – The drive and desire of every employee is crucial to the organization’s success and the achievement of its goals. Commitment from eployees is essential to ensure that they are fully engaged and motivated to give their best effort in their work.

Have The Mindset of A Typical Sunflower – Sunflowers are holding their heads high as they follow the sun, absoribing its light and energy, then remain still and flourish without having turned to face their shadow or feel the darkness.

Be The Orange Among Apples – Innovation will always focus on bringing something new to the table, enhancing what already exists, and improving customer service. Nobody should settle for trends and what’s in style. Ideas like new product variations, promotions, and loyalty programs should be long-lasting.

Tatagal ka Ba o Titigil? – In selling there will be numerous challenges. Sales success will come with so many objections and rejections along the way but take heart, persist and play the game. Ang tumatagal lang ang nanalo sa dulo.

Ang theme song ng customers at sales professionals… Don’t Give Up on Us, Baby! – Customers will reject you many times, but mind this: If you know that your offer is something that will be beneficial for them, PLEASE don’t give up on them. They may not realize it yet but they need you, they need your product/service. So stay present, provide continuous value, be sincere in lending them a helping hand knowing one day, they will realize the value of your offer. 

Innovate or Evaporate – The changes in the corporate and business landscape are shifting drastically and abruptly. The only way to thrive is to always up your antennas, be in the know, and keep reinventing your ways, your operations, and your offers. Innovation=sustainable success.

Ethics, Not Petiks! – There are still lots of corporate professionals out there who show brilliance in their workplace but lack that character, values and integrity. Instead of being petiks, LET US SHOW ETHICS TO STANDOUT IN OUR WORKPLACE.

Your Workplace is A Sanctuary Not A Prison – Instead of looking at your workplace as a place of stress and toxicity, look at it as a place where you can grow and fulfill your personal aspirations, a place of community.

There are countless more motivational quotes from Paulo Tibig that deeply connect with a lot of people and we hope we can share them all with you here in our blog section. 


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