WEEKLY MOTIVATION: Alam Na This! (Know-It-All Syndrome)

Question, have you reached the point where you are not anymore, trying to learn something new or simply not looking at different perspectives or approaches in what you do?

Are you also dismissing other’s insights and opinions because you feel you know better. Your favorite words to utter maybe: “Alam ko na yan!”

If you are showing these patterns, you might be dealing with the “Know-It-All Syndrome”. We share a lot about this in our leadership programs.

It stops you from growing, it closes doors for you to further develop personally and professionally.

The remedy to this is first, HUMILITY. Be humble enough to accept that you still have a lot to go. In Filipino, “Marami ka pang kakaining bigas!”. There is always something to improve on to master your craft and there is always something to discover.
Remember, the world is constantly evolving, once we stop learning, time will pass by fast and we will be irrelevant. Always be hungry to learn new skills, new strategies and new approaches to keep up with the changes around us.

Be like a SPONGE, be always on the lookout to absorb knowledge.

Have the initiative to study, research and attend trainings to upskill.

Ask questions on the things you don’t know. There is no shame in not knowing everything.

Also, find mentors especially in your workplace. Someone who has been there in your position to guide you in the journey ahead towards more success.

Being a “Know-it-all” only limits you to reach your full potential in your profession and even in personal aspects of your life. You have to break free from this syndrome so you can breakthrough.


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