WEEKLY MOTIVATION: Appreciate The Little Things at Work


When are you most happy in your workplace?

Is it when you are given a raise? or you are recognized for a job well done? Maybe when you close a hefty deal and you just qualified for the incentive trip?

Those instances, they are wonderful and we should be absolutely grateful.

But what about the little things? Stuff that we typically see or experience in the workplace. Sometimes these are so small that most of the time we fail to appreciate because it’s there, it happens almost everyday.

When we come to work, do we still appreciate having our nice small space, having access to tools and equipments needed to perform our work efficiently?

Do you still enjoy the company of your team members? Those quick laughs, munching on good food and coffee together during breaks. Let’s savor the fact that we get to establish real friendship at work.

How about your boss who can be a bit strict at times? Despite his/her countless critiques, do you take these constructively knowing these will make you better?

Having the opportunity to make a difference to customers by serving their needs, does it still give you inner fulfillment? Try to remember how delighted you are when a customer is so thankful for assistance during your early days at your post.

The mere fact that you are able to work day-by-day to provide for your loved ones, does is still bring you butterflies? Remind yourself constantly of the reason why you’re there to begin with.

To be able to find joy at work goes to being able to cherish even the smallest things. Yes, big moments, those are what should we aim for, but the everyday stuff, when we enjoy these, we will definitely make our work lighter.

Your company, your work, it’s not perfect, but still there are so many reasons to be grateful far beyond imperfections.


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