Behind Every Talk by Filipino Public Speaker

My heart goes to fellow motivational speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches on this matter..

Lately we’ve been blessed to be busy with so many engagements, but some companies and organizations who want me to engage with their team want me to speak for free.

Don’t get me wrong, I just cannot comprehend why there is some who wanted it for free when in fact the objective of the company is to capacitate and motivate their team which will definitely benefit the personal and professional development of their employees and the growth of their companies and businesses. I think it’s just fair for it to be invested on.

Over the years, I’ve been doing countless of advocacy talks and I intend to if it is really for advocacy. Also part of this is doing free learning events.

Now I just want to make a point here on behalf of my fellow speakers.

Hear this: We put so much value in what we do that our clients and audiences don’t see on stage and on screen.


  • Speakers, to be credible should be backed by solid experience. One advantage that clients/organizers see in me is that aside from being a speaker, for decades i am a corporate and business practitioner as well. What I share to my audience comes from the combination of my experience, expertise, proven theories and principles.
  • It takes at least 2 weeks to develop a keynote and a month minimum for a training module. These programs are all proprietary and made sure to be in-depth with frameworks, tools and archetypes to maximize the learning experience of the audience. Also, I am not alone in making this happen. Alignments, research, visuals and other materials are developed with the help of my team.

We too, invest to master our craft. We need to continuously sharpen our saw to provide timely and relevant programs and insights in response to the rapidly changing corporate and business landscape.

Please remember: As a public speaker, we take adding value to our audience seriously. We strive for excellence because every heart touched, every mind engaged, every team ignited and every individual who becomes a better person every engagement is the success we can share together.

I hope with this, I was able to enlighten you with the significance of what we do as speakers.



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