Break Free to Break Through! by Motivational Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to speak to the men and women of Green Magic Organics about thriving and succeeding this new normal. One major takeaway of the talk is about achieving breakthroughs in crisis.

Now, it may look like the BREAKTHROUGH doesn’t sit well with CRISIS.

Is it really possible to achieve breakthroughs during this season?

Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, nowadays, it is at most essential to strive not just for survival but for breakthroughs. You are a champion and champions don’t settle for less. They make the most of every moment and see the opportunities rising even in difficult situations.

So, how do we go for breakthroughs? Here are some practical steps:

Fear is normal. It is our body’s natural defense when it is sensing danger, but we should put it in its place and not allow it to take over us. Don’t let fear paralyze you and don’t allow fear damage your perspective.

Take care of your perspective by cleaning the air; away from distractions and away from too much negativity when it’s causing you fear. Hearing a lot of bad news lately that it’s affecting your performance at work?

It’s okay to prioritize perspective away from fear.

As the trend continue to change fast because of the liminal state, we must continue to learn how ride with it or better yet being steps ahead of everyone.

Those who are in the know of new ways of doing things to provide solutions and those who sharpen their competency to contribute to the achieval of corporate objectives will be the ones to flourish this crisis.

So, develop yourself and discover new skills and knowledge that you can use in your business or career. Those who a broad arsenal has the competitive advantage.

Read books related to your industry, attend virtual corporate seminars or it could be as simple as finding a mentor in your office and an accountability partner to track your progress

Loosen your shackles of comfort!

Maybe you are complacent with the fact that you still have your means of living today but it’s not guaranteed tomorrow. Keep going for advancement and keep performing better.

Do you have an idea that will benefit your company or will create a new income channel for your business? Don’t just let it stay on your mind because you’re already comfortable and make it come to fruition. Your breakthrough in your workplace is outside your breakthrough belt.

When you already have your mindset ready for breakthroughs, it’s time to go the bottom line, your goals and your purpose.

Always go back to why you are there in your organization or business and pursue workplace excellence always. Don’t just limit yourself in achieving breakthroughs in one goal. Make more goals if you must!

Pwedeng maging unli ang success natin sa buhay if we have the healthy mindset and it goes beyond this crisis.

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