Break the Barriers and Win The Game of Sales by Leadership Speaker, Paulo Tibig

For me, success in sales career is really similar to playing our favorite sports. It takes a lot of discipline, patience, crucial and well executed strategies to win

If you are having difficulty in achieving sales objectives, all the more that you need to prepare your core, be trained, be equipped and devise the right game plans so you can break your barriers, score points and win the game.

Just recently, I had the privilege to speak how to break the barriers for a real estate company. Sharing with you the important highlights on winning the game of sales.

1st Base: Prepare the Core

Winning starts with the right framing of your mind. Be in the zone to reach your sales objectives!

• Push beyond your limitations • Manage your emotions

• Change your perspectives for the better

2nd Base: Design the Game Plan

We always need to come prepared with a winning game plan to stay relevant to the changing customer needs.

• Innovate: Anticipate and respond ahead of disruptions

• Elevate: Build your brand by building the value

3rd Base: Execute The Play

Great plans should always come with well executed efforts to score points.

• The future of sales is social! Harness the power of social media in selling.

• Cover all customer touchpoints

Home Run: Score Points and Win The Game

Lay your heart on the line in what you do!

• Never back down

• Keep pushing and mind winning

Always remember, at the end of the day, it is you who will make success possible.
Don’t just be a spectator, be the player who wins the game!


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