Coffee Tayo? by Inspirational Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Whether you are facing burnout from heavy workloads, you are trying to keep up with the changes in your work environment, or any other work struggles, there is a silver lining in these.

I believe every challenge can shape one’s character. It all depends on the person immersed in it.

Let’s use coffee beans as an analogy, we cannot assess them just by the way they look on the outside.

We can only see its strength when we submerge it in hot water.

Just like an individual, when one is facing immense pressure, character comes out. We see how strong willed or tenacious a person is.

So if you are facing challenges in the workplace, don’t run away from it, I suggest you learn to embrace it as it will just bring out the strength in you.

Just remember: People are similar to coffee beans, put them in hot water and you’ll know how strong and intense they are.


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