Colleagues: Comrades or Competitors? by Leadership Speaker

Remember the time when you got hired? Most likely, you somewhat aspired to attain the highest possible post in your company.

We all want to be successful in what we do, to have a soaring career as this will be our means to provide a comfortable life for our loved ones.

But climbing the corporate ladder is difficult. Many are vying for promotion opportunities and each have their own ways to standout.

Given this, the common mindset is to view our colleagues as our competitors.

While healthy competition is fine, sometimes we cross the line thinking that someone might take what’s rightfully ours; that elusive promotion or even raise and recognition. With this, we always take the spotlight or worse we even destroy our colleagues in many ways.

As an employer, I want to see my employees collaborating instead of competing against each other. When we are on the same boat having the same vision, we will all soar and no one gets left behind.

As we’re entering a new year, may I also invite you to renew your perspective: promote camaraderie in your workplace. Bring out the best of each other and work harmoniously so everyone succeeds. Employer sees it when great employees enable others employees to be greater. That is where opportunities will come naturally.

Start today:

Look at your colleagues not as competitors, but as comrades. Share your spotlight with them and success will follow suit.


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