DREAM, BELIEVE, ACT: Takeaways from Manny Pacquiao’s Journey to Success by Motivational Speaker

Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao made us proud once again. He put up an amazing fight against the younger, bigger Ugas in what could be his last fight as a boxer. Though he fell short to win, we cannot discredit his prestigious record. He had nothing left to prove, he is already a legend, our People’s Champ.

In a time of difficulty we can all be inspired of and learn from how he rose from adversities and became the only 8-division champion that he is today.

Let’s learn from Manny’s journey to success.


  • The champion that he is today all started when he just wanted to give his family a comfortable life. He learned how to dream when he was pushed against the wall and look where he is now. Let’s be like Manny who pursued his dreams relentlessly no matter how impossible it may seem.


  • Since the beginning of his career he was motivated to be an all-time great. He believed that he can go up against boxing’s bests. Believing is about our commitment to succeed no matter what adversities we will face.


  • The boxing prowess that we see in the ring is all about what we don’t see beyond the scenes. All his sacrifices outside the ring is what makes him a boxing legend. Hardwork and discipline always pays-off

So whether we are in business or corporate career, remember that there’s a champion in us, all it takes is to dream, believe and act our way to success.

Thank you Manny Pacquiao not only for representing us but also for teaching us that nothing is impossible in life. Mabuhay ka!


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