Motivational Speaker’s Advice: Establish REALationships

Question, do you like the people you are working with? Your team? Your colleagues?

Have you established genuine friendship with them? Is it translating to collaboration and cooperation at work?

Or is it otherwise?

It is just sad when we don’t like our colleagues and we become distant with them while we spend most of our days in the office.
Imagine spending countless of hours working with people you’re not comfortable with.

In our signature programs, we share that the key for team harmony and cohesiveness is REALationships.
This is also applicable with our personal relationships like with family, friends etc.

How do we establish this?

Respect means treating people with courtesy, politeness and kindness. It doesn’t matter if they have different perspectives, in fact you welcome different beliefs and opinions and show respect regardless.

You are vulnerable and transparent. Express what is needed to be expressed DIRECTLY to the person, not behind their backs. It’s okay to be honest and be straightforward but always put it in the context sincere care for the person.

Be inclusive, not exclusive. “Hindi pwedeng kayo-kayo lang”. Regardless of your diverse background, “isang pamilya kayo”. Treat your team as your brothers and sisters. Make everyone feel that they belong by spending time with them maybe in breaks, over coffee and other instances.

Give voice to your colleagues by listening intentionally. And when you listen, you seek to understand and not to rebut. Suspend your judgement on their ideas and insights, there is always something to learn from them. Be a humble listener.

How about you? In your own ways, how do you get R.E.A.L.?

Seek to develop healthy REALationships at work this week!