Can you relate with this?

You have this strong belief about something, maybe on someone you idolize, about a product you patronize, or a working method or system. Then you research about it and discuss only with colleagues who share the same insights as you to the point that this belief of yours blinds you from seeking other angles. Worse, this bias could be blocking you from the truth.

This is what you call, tbe Confirmation Bias. It is our tendency to feed ourselves with information that are exclusively consistent with our own existing beliefs.

There are plenty of dangers in having Confirmation Bias:

  1. We prevent ourselves from seeking the truth further
  2. We stop from growing
  3. We develop unhealthy pride
  4. We are prone to making bad decisions
  5. We create gap with others’ who don’t see the same as us

It is okay to be convinced and make a stand on something, but let us make a room within ourselves to see things from the other side.

How do we do this?

First, accept.

Accept that you don’t know everything. Accept that you could be wrong. By that only, you open your door for knowledge and wisdom to come in.

Second, challenge your own perceptions.

Have a healthy discussion with colleagues on important matters. Be always ready to listen. Welcome their insights and allow yourself to have second thoughts on what you believe in.

Also, do your research responsibly. Ensure that you are exploring all angles. Search only from credible sources. Don’t fall for misinformation.

Don’t be a brick wall that truth cannot penetrate. Instead be a sponge and make knowledge, wisdom the water you absorb.


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