Have an Attitude of Gratitude!

To have an attitude of gratitude is really a necessity.

In our workplace we need it in order for us to perform well as we are always tempted to complain about things in our work especially in our setting today.

Gratitude is not instant.

It is something that we should work on every day from the moment you wake up for your work on Mondays until you clock out on Fridays.

Hindi pwedeng grateful lang tayo every weekend :).

So how do we practice gratitude?

2 (two) practical tips.

One, listen to words of inspirations every time you get the chance. It could be in the form of books, audio or video; anything that will transmit positivity to you.

It could also come from your office friends with positive outlook. Talk about something helpful to lift each other’s spirits.

Just by all means fill your mind with positivity because it creates no room for complaints.

Two, put it into writing!


Allot a certain time of the day where you can have a quiet time to write down the things that you are grateful for each day.

Trust me, this technique is powerful. It will change your perspective in life forever.

Do these quick tips quickly!

Huwag mo nang ipagpabukas. Reading this creates momentum and practicing gratitude needs momentum to get going. Push yourself to be grateful now!


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