Help Your Company Build its Brand by Bringing Out The Value! by Paulo Tibig

What’s your role in your company?

Will you go the extra mile to help your company sell especially during this crisis?
If you’re not from sales, it might be easy for you to say that it’s not your job or you are not affected by the number of sales your company makes as long as you have your job intact. News flash! If your company continues to bleed, you may now number the days you have left in your job.

Okay, here is my take, it’s everybody’s responsibility to bring out the value of the company.

You might say that “Oh, I’m not a good salesperson, as much as I want to contribute, there are other people who can do a better job than me on that task.” To tell you, you don’t need to be good at selling to contribute.

Here are the significant things you can do to help build your brand by bringing out the value:


Today they say that “It’s okay not to be okay”. While it’s true, I also say “It’s not okay not to know your PK! (Product Knowledge)”.

Everybody in the company is obliged to know the offerings and the value it brings! You will never know when someone will come up to you and ask for your products/services. You should be ready otherwise it’s gonna be a lost opportunity.


Be the first customer of your brand! You believe in your products/service so much, that it becomes a part of your everyday life. Imagine that level of patronization from everyone in the company, how it helps the company big time.


This is so simple! Spread great things about your products/services, spread the company values, its advocacies, spread how much you love your organization that people will want to take part of it. My tip, put your social media to good use by doing these, through this, you spread love of work and you help your company to be known.

No question that people will prefer to transact with whom they are comfortable with. When you have that mentality to go the extra mile, when you have that goal to not just make a sale but make lasting relationships with customers and treat them as business partners, you are forging deals for the company that will last a lifetime.

Helping your company doesn’t have to be hard right? How about you what other ways can you think of to help your company be known?

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