How Can We Increase Our Adversity Quotient by Inspirational Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Do you also think that life likes to hit us with “plot twists”?

When you are in the zone, having a full momentum in achieving something then for some reason, you get stopped along the way.

Maybe you lost your job due to the crisis. Maybe you needed to close down your business.

This is where our “adversity quotient” comes into play. It is the measure of how well we can and respond and cope with the sudden changes around us.

How can we increase our adversity quotient? Four things…

  1. new things but go easy on yourself when you fail
  2. Seek for mentors, someone who has gone through what you are going through right now
  3. Strengthen your mind by reading messages of inspiration daily
  4. Have a community/circle you can confide to

Bonus: Keep tapping on our signature “Filipino Resiliency”: If others are finding ways to live and thriving, so could you in your own ways!

Now that you are aware, this is your first step in increasing your AQ. Getting through this will make your spirit crisis-proof in time.


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