How to Communicate Effectively in Remote Selling by Sales Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Selling is a lot more different now and we can say it’s a lot more challenging these days.

In one of my recent training for sales professionals, I asked the participants which do they prefer, virtual or face-to-face selling.

Obviously, more than 80% of them still prefers face to face selling as majority are having problems on connecting with their customers virtually plus the many limitations of remote selling.

As much as many would want to go back, we must adapt and thrive in the virtual era of selling.

How are we gonna win more sales remotely? I’m giving you 3 keys (3Cs) to communicate effectively with your customers:


  • Be familiarized to new selling platforms
  • Practice speaking and delivering your pitch in front of the camera


  • Keep the content precise, on-point and interesting
  • Keep on adding value to your customers. Share or create online content related to their needs.


  • Use appropriate manner or delivery
  • Invest on reliable internet connection, microphone and camera for better customer experience

Remember these 3Cs and embrace selling the virtual way, because it’s definitely here to stay.


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