How to Succeed In Sales Negotiations by Business Speaker, Paulo Tibig

One of the biggest challenges for sales professionals is the negotiation process. It takes a lot of time, effort, skills to be able to discuss, understand and come up with an offer that will satisfy our customers.

Now, I’ve mentored and coached numerous sales teams already and we are always putting emphasis on result-driven negotiations being an integral part of sales mastery. It is the entry point to many closed deals.

Allow me to give you these huge takeaways that I share in my speaking platforms on how to succeed in sales negotiations:

First things first, deeply examine yourself: am I really sincere in helping my customer or am I negotiating just for my own gain?

If you find yourself with the latter, start rewiring your perspective because it will really show and will leave a strong impression to your customer.


One of the challenges of sales negotiators is the intimidation their counterpart brings to them.

The remedy to this is preparation. Study your counterpart thoroughly, assess their personality, anticipate their needs. You gain confidence and you become more effective when you get into the negotiation mode ahead of the meeting.


All of internalization, preparation will mean nothing if there is a disconnect between your offer and the needs of the customer. Make sure to actively listen and understand the painpoints then from there you can develop an “offer-fit”.


With the right offer comes the need to get the point across. You need your customer to generate buy-in towards your products/service. To achieve that, you have to pitch with precision.

Seize your moment to highlight how your product/service will be beneficial in solving your customer’s problems, how a purchase will be so much valuable on their end. It may sound simple but effective pitching techniques will be needed.

May these points help you work on and improve yourself more to succeed and become a master sales negotiator. 🙂