Ikot-Ikot Lang by Filipino Leadership Speaker

You may have listened to one of Sarah G’s hit single, “Ikot-Ikot Lang”.

Did you know that it has also become a buzz word in the workplace?

Colleagues are called as ” Sarah G” or “Ikot-ikot Lang” when:

  1. Chika-Minute

They spend hours in the office just going around chatting with their beshies. Result: They will even work overtime.

  1. Busy-busyhan

They have pile of papers and workload on their station. They just look busy but in reality they are not productive.

  1. Mindless Browsing

They spend more time on social media and internet browsing than doing focused work. Netflix marathon, scrolling in
FB and IG at kaching-kaching sa online shopping.

  1. Levi’s 501

They even milk time waiting to clock out. Some are even late to be in but first to be out!

  1. Over-Break

They exceed breaks and care less in resuming work on time.

Can you relate with these? Of course, since working from home is a thing today, many have their own creative ways to be “Sarah G” virtually 🙂

If you know someone who has these behavior, let us try to help them by handholding them to develop the discipline to be productive.

Take note: Accountability is everyone’s responsibility


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