Key Drivers to Success: A Flipside on Performance Metrics by Paulo Tibig

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As we are in the first quarter of year 2021, companies are trying to shape up this year to hit targets. The beginning of the year is all about boosting team performances. We are witness to this in our recent engagements.

I recently shared this in one of my keynotes, that it’s not just about hitting the numbers but it’s also about the team relationship that will bring forth the success.

So i made a personal take on Key Drivers to Success that focuses on interpersonal relationships and people building

KPI (Key Problem Indicator)
Major Challenges and Concerns that need to be addressed
and crucial to be solved.

KRA (Key Relationship Area
These are Initiatives/Strategies to resolve major challenges and concerns.

ROI (Return on Intention)
Expected results/outcome thats identified (KPI and KRA)
The intention is to build well relationship within as its key in achieving harmony amongst team members.

Let’s continue to improve on our professional relationships in the workplace:)

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