WEEKLY MOTIVATION: Lagare Ka Ba? (Are You Like a Saw?)

Question, lagare ka ba?

You keep grinding hard, working tirelessly to deliver results.

“Pero bawat lagare ay kailangan mahasa, kung hindi ito ay pumupurol”.

In our recent engagement with one industry-leading multinational company, we emphasized the importance of working hard, yet by the end of the day we need to go back to the armory and RENEW ourselves.

Let me walk you through the three (3) ways to do this which I shared in my talk.


We always remind that people are not robots, so don’t feel guilty of resting! And please, when you rest, make the most out of it.

Take time to breathe and have quality time with your family; since restrictions are easing up, it might be a great time to go on a road trip, take them out for a date or even just watch a movie together!


Reflect and ask yourself: “Is everything that I’m doing aligned to my goals? Am I prioritizing the things that matter to me?”. Take this moment to go back to your reasons for what you do.

Assess yourself too: “What am I doing right? What are the things that I need to improve on?” This is your chance to dive deeper into your core.


In our engagements, it is consistent in poll results that employees are most grateful for the learning and development programs their management provides for them.

If you are given room to grow personally and professionally, make sure to maximize every opportunity!

Initiate and invest in yourself: Join webinars and trainings, read and watch more videos to hone yourself. Do this for your and for your organization’s benefit. 😀

So kung lagare ka: relax, re-align and resharpen for self-renewal so you can add more value to yourself, to your team and to the organization.


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