Leadership Speaker, Paulo Tibig

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to make it big in the industry. But, the only way to do that is to bring out the best leader possible in you. As a Filipino Inspirational speaker, Paulo M. Tibig inspires entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders alike through his keynote talks, programs, and books to become champions in their professional careers and business ventures.

An award-winning entrepreneur of VCargo Worldwide and Paulo Tibig Corporate Trainings and renowned author of best-selling books “Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur” and “STANDOUT: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values”, he continuously develops motivational keynotes and signature programs using his personal experience and expertise in the entrepreneurship and corporate field. He is also frequently featured in national TV and radio programs.

As one of the most sought after and celebrated motivational speakers in the Philippines today, Paulo Tibig talks mostly about leadership, sales, marketing, motivation, strategic planning, ethics, and team building. Since these are what he loves to do, he considers it a mission to pay it forward and lead others to success.

Reasons For Hiring Paulo Tibig As A Filipino Leadership Speaker

You are probably wondering about what makes Paulo Tibig the best Filipino leadership speaker. What sets him apart from others is that he leaves a powerful and lasting impact that captures his audience completely. In an era where most speakers are caught up in technical jargon, Paublo Tibig speaks in a way that motivates everyone through his engaging and educational narratives, relatable anecdotes, and time-tested ideas.

A Filipino leadership speaker is a person who enables other leaders to competently use their position to drive their team toward one, unified goal. It is all about using real-life experiences to discuss ideas and drive points to push others in uncovering their leadership potential.

Here in the Philippines, leadership motivation is an often disregarded factor concerning a business’ growth. Anyone can be a leader. But not everyone can be a great leader. Being a great leader means being able to push teams to go the extra mile and uncover the best version of themselves.

Struggling to lead your team? Or having the right leadership mindset? Whatever challenges you are facing in the world of entrepreneurship, Paulo Tibig is the best Filipino leadership speaker for you. Every talk of his is designed to engage every audience that offers transformational value. Each technical concept is made simpler coupled with impeccable humor that highlights professionalism in the entrepreneurial set-up. Read on to learn more about this impeccable Filipino motivational speaker!

Award-Winning Entrepreneur

There is no real reason to speak in front of a crowd that needs to be motivated when the speaker himself is down in the mud. Of course, the only way to listen to a Filipino leadership speaker is if they are walking the talk. Sure enough, Paulo Tibig’s impressive entrepreneurial background allows him to bring energy, wisdom, and actionable insights to others.

Paulo Tibig is the President and CEO of VCargo Worldwide and Paulo Tibig Corporate Trainings. Both companies are heavily involved in leading teams that are seemingly on the opposite sides of the industrial spectrum — a factor that guarantees business owners he is fully capable of igniting for success. An entrepreneur of 22 years and counting, he is a life-long advocate that is committed to maximizing your leadership potential.

For his expertise in entrepreneurship, leadership, and motivational speaking, Paulo Tibig has also been the recipient of numerous awards. During the 2014 ASEAN Business Awards in the Philippines, he was recognized as the Most Admired ASEAN Enterprise in the Young Entrepreneur Category. He was also awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Medium Scale Category during the 2014 Philippine Marketing Association Agora Awards.

Best-Selling, Published Author

A good Filipino leadership speaker has a story to tell. Arguably, gaining essential learnings can only be possible if the motivational speaker on stage can inspire people in an articulate manner. This is why Paulo Tibig shares his real-life strategies and principles. To reach all aspiring leaders, he teaches what he practices in life by writing books.

Paulo Tibig is the best-selling author of “Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur”. Widely considered as one of the best entrepreneurial books in the industry, it tackles all the challenges and concerns all Filipino leaders and aspiring leaders are no stranger to. This book represents life as a successful entrepreneur as it is with all the bumps and valuable lessons. While it also highlights how to excel from competition and innovations, it also provides strategies for turning business crises into cash.

Recently, Paulo Tibig also published “STANDOUT: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values”. A leader is faced with many challenges in the course of his journey to success — whether it be workplace politics, employee demotivation, power play, or the temptation to resort to unethical business practices to gain a competitive edge. STANDOUT is a book by Filipino leadership speaker Paulo Tibig to illustrate the different kinds of leaders and how they learn to succeed in business with their integrity intact.

Motivational Speaker

Backed with decades of expertise, Paulo Tibig has been the go-to Filipino leadership speaker because he is equally skilled in presenting to companies and aspiring leaders of whatever age or background. As a renowned keynote speaker in the Philippines, he is able to reach thousands of motivated attendees in different industries — FMCGs, insurance, pharmaceutical, real estate, retail, and services to name a few.

Paulo Tibig used his acumen to impart engaging dialogues between him and his audiences. His “learnjoyment” approach is second to none because participants get to enjoy, learn, and remember leadership lessons.

As a well-rounded entrepreneur and author, he was acknowledged for his motivating talks and programs in corporate and business plenaries, conferences, general assemblies, summits, and kick-offs, providing entrepreneurs, executives, employees, and even students with powerful and practical ways to become leadership champions. Truly, there is no other Filipino leadership speaker that has perfected the technique of understanding and communicating with diverse audiences from different backgrounds

Signature Programs

Paulo Tibig is the sought-after Filipino leadership speaker we know today because of his signature “learnjoyment” programs. He has crafted effective strategies and covered a wide array of topics to help leaders succeed in all aspects of their professional careers. Read on to know which one can maximize your leadership potential!

Esprit de Corps

This NLP Based Team Building Program is anchored on the “high ask and low tell principle”. If you are looking for ways to bring your team together and cultivate habits for high performance, then the Esprit de Corps signature program proves to be the winning formula.

Along with Filipino leadership speaker, Paulo Tibig’s experiences, the Esprit de Corps signature program aims to develop creativity, generate ideas, develop collaboration, and improve understanding among teams.

With real workplace behavioral intervention, each team member will be exposed to different, relatable workplace settings. It equips leaders with basic neuro-linguistic programming concepts to facilitate change in their organizations with identified key learnings — connecting each member in a more powerful way more than ever before. When your team understands each other’s values without removing the fun, they can collaborate in a way that boosts their performance.


Everything that is planned in a business leads to one goal and that is to inject a difference for consumers. FORE is a signature program that involves the moment of truth in frontline management.

With positive word of mouth dictating a competitive edge among today’s businesses, leaders must deliver excellent service. How can you deliver to your customers better? How can you back your amazing value proposition with exemplary customer service?

Here, Filipino leadership speaker, Paulo Tibig presents all the touchpoints for an engaging customer experience that delivers — from top to bottom, from customer inquiry to closing sales.

Love of Work Program

How can you, as a leader, make sure your team is performing at the highest level during unmotivating times? How can you eliminate distractions and reignite their fire and make them love their work more than ever? The Love of Work Program is a timely online learning session that guides you and your team to adapt to changes and pursue organizational success — internally and externally.

Indeed, a Filipino leadership speaker can help you engage your team with a highly relevant lecture that generates a lot of eye-openers. Paulo Tibig helps your organization bounce back fast in this era stricken by the crisis.

The Next Ladder

Being promoted to a higher position can be a gratifying experience for your team members, but it can also be a very stressful one without preparation and setting expectations. Filipino leadership speaker, Paulo Tibig’s The Next Ladder is geared towards preparing your upcoming heads for their battles ahead. It is highly recommended for those who need to master basic management skills to meet new job demands.

Cavs @ Work

Yes, most leaders understand the value of people and strategies, but the impacts of those values are often overlooked by many.

Value-driven organizations are more successful compared to others. Why? It has to do with keeping employees engaged. Discover what values, culture, and attitudes are and how they get in the way of both your teams and your leadership success.

Mindset of Champions Keynote

All too often negativity is widespread in today’s society, which takes a toll on many leader’s motivation. It takes numerous time-tested principles to be successful in this career field. Let Filipino leadership speaker Paulo Tibig share his blueprints and experiences that made him the champion he is today.

The Mindset of Champions signature program is a customized keynote program tailor-fit for your organizations’ requirement based on the CHAMP principle of Paulo Tibig. Full of sessions that are easy to relate to, it is ideal for engaging teams with motivation.


This signature program is directly related to Paulo Tibig’s book entitled “STANDOUT: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values”.

Most leaders are so hungry for success that they would do anything to get to the top, even at the expense of their values and integrity. STANDOUT is an eye-opening keynote by Filipino leadership speaker Paulo Tibig that points out how you can adopt an ethical leadership approach — a champion leader with a heart.

Simplified Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the key to a successful business. This signature workshop by Filipino leadership speaker Paulo Tibig provides you valuable insights in developing strategies in a simplified and objective manner. It highlights the need to meticulously craft the foundations of your organization, execute plans, and measure performance for success. Let Paulo Tibig guide you in developing your company’s strategic plan framework that is both easy and effective to implement.

Sales Masters’ Program

The market is overly saturated. It has never been more challenging to stand out among the tough competition. The answer? Having a highly competitive sales team. This two-day intensive signature program will provide both new and seasoned sales teams effective selling strategies that deliver with relevancy in mind.

Book Paulo Tibig As Your Filipino Leadership Speaker

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to make it big in the industry and the only way is to do that is to unlock the best leadership potential in you.

As the top leadership speaker in the Philippines, Paulo Tibig has consistently been empowering audiences through his keynote talks and signature programs. Being a successful Filipino speaker on entrepreneurship and author, his dream is to fuel the next leaders for success.

With a focus on the “learnjoyment” approach, this Filipino leadership speaker enhances your capabilities with his real-life experiences. That’s why if you’re facing challenges related to leadership, whether you’re running a start-up company or having problems with your big corporation, Paulo Tibig can motivate you to keep going.

What are you waiting for? You have every reason to hire a Filipino leadership speaker. Let’s light up the hidden spark within you and turn your leadership ambitions into reality! Click here to book Paulo Tibig now!


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