MALASAKIT by Filipino Inspirational Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Do you still have your job right now?

It is just appropriate for you to show appreciation to your employer. Behind the scenes, they are struggling to keep the business operations running for its survival and its people, that includes you.

In return, reciprocate the care that is given to you…


You show malasakit when you do what is expected from you:

1). Quit complaining and be grateful for the opportunity given to you.

2). Embrace the corporate changes to be fully engaged

3). Seek ways on how to improve your work perfomance.

4). Finish your deliverables as early as you can without compromise.

5). Do your best to get to work on time consistently

We’re at the moment that you and your colleagues collectively need to go the extra mile to help your employer survive the crisis. Ultimately it is for you; for your ability to make a living and for your ability to be able to provide for your family.

The management, as good as it is can only do so much, everyone comprising an organization should be engaged and show “malasakit” for one another and for the organization as a whole. it’s the only way to keep jobs, bounce back and move forward.

So when you get to work, whether you still report daily or you work from your home, remind yourself of your role, you are the hope of the company. Give your best in your job whether you are supervised or no one is watching you and expand yourself to be more useful. That is what “malasakit” is all about.

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