A lot of us have been busy for some time now.

For us, we had quite a number of engagements the past months, weeks, and days and we just had our first face-to-face team building in 2 years.

It seems like everyone is on a hustle and we’re on a roll in providing results for our company/business. That’s great!

But this Holy Week, can we slow down a bit shall we? I invite you to take a P.A.U.S.E

P- Pray

Let’s take this moment to reconnect with God. Read the bible, listen to sermons and talks that will nourish your soul. This is your chance to deepen your relationship with Him.

A- Allow your body to rest

You’ve been mentally and physically active lately. Take real rests and recuperate to be good as new when you return to work!

U- Unplug yourself from the internet

The online environment can be toxic nowadays. Spare yourself and do a social media detox. Take less time in browsing and more time with yourself and people to you.

S- Spend time with your loved ones

Maybe you’ve been disconnected with people who are important to you because of busyness. Now is the time to rekindle with them. Enjoy meaningful conversations, stroll, eat together. Show many ways to reaffirm your love for them.

E- Empty your mind

Take this chance to free up your mind. Spending more quiet time this week to unload all the burdens and negative thoughts in your mind will benefit you mentally and emotionally.
Have a blessed Holy Week!


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