Paulo Tibig as A Public Speaker

Public speaking is any spoken presentation that is given before an audience. The goal is to educate, entertain, or influence the listeners on a certain topic. But what makes a professional Filipino public speaker different from a beginner is the confidence, passion, and ability to hold an audience’s attention. And before you reach that stage, it requires countless hours of practicing and presenting in front of people.

With years of experience as a Filipino Inspirational Speaker, Paulo Tibig has delivered signature speeches in front of audiences from varying backgrounds and age groups. As a seasoned communicator, there are things he can offer for your event.

What Paulo Tibig Offers As A Public Speaker

Motivational And Inspiring Speeches

When speaking in front of a large crowd, a professional public speaker delivers his thoughts confidently and passionately. Even though this endeavor is a largely one-way medium of communication, an effective speech can capture the hearts of the audience and drive them to action.

As a celebrated Filipino public speaker, Paulo Tibig’s goal is to get rid of stagnant thinking present in today’s society. His leadership seminars, corporate training, and team-building workshops are carefully curated to boost your staff’s morale, ignite passion, and motivate you to develop your skills.

For this reason, he is booked by countless multinational organizations and government institutions to provide learning and a dose of inspiration to their employees and leaders.

Meaningful Keynote Talks

A keynote is a speech typically scheduled at the start of a conference to set the tone for the whole event. Because it plays an important role in boosting turnout rates and preparing the audience mentally for the rest of the activities, numerous organizations hire an experienced Filipino public speaker.

As one of the well-known public speakers in the Philippines, Paulo Tibig is sought out for his signature keynote speeches, the Mindset Of Champions. With his experience as his best teacher, he discusses topics that are based on the CHAMP principle which includes commitment, hard work, attitude, motivation, and prayer.

This way, your attendees will be equipped with the champion mindset before diving into more intensive topics in your conference. The best thing about this corporate training session is that it can be booked online!

Topics On Entrepreneurship

Because true wisdom is gained through experience, an effective Filipino public speaker such as Paulo Tibig considers his background when training entrepreneurs. As a seasoned businessman himself, he knows the real-life strategies to become successful in this endeavor.

For this reason, his signature programs are a huge success to aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs as well. One of his pieces of training is “Winning In Entrepreneurship” which can help aspiring businessmen discover their potential. If you’re interested in developing new business models, the “Building Business Blueprint” is also a hit.

Next on his list of business track programs is the “Strategies Of A Champion Entrepreneur” where he provides a time-tested approach to overcome your current problems. In all of these talks, you will learn the secrets of successful businessmen.

Methods To Leadership Success

As CEO, Paulo Tibig is a Filipino public speaker booked for leadership training seminars all around the country. He is well-known for promoting integrity in a world where office politics, power play, and unethical business practices are prevalent. In his online session “Standout: Ethical Leadership Program” he shows that you can enjoy sustainable success with your values still intact.

This speech written by this Filipino speaker is also available in the best-selling book “Standout: How To Lead Without Losing Your Values”. As a leader himself, he knows that excellence and ethics should come hand in hand.

But if you’re in need of tips to be resilient in these hard times, the leadership session “Agile Leadership: Culture, Strategy, And Management” is also a well-loved program in corporate settings. It explores the benefits of the SEEDS Model—scan, establish, experiment, deploy, and sustain—and how to lead in these changing times.

Team-Building Workshops

Are you having difficulty managing a team? One of Paulo Tibig’s goals as a Filipino public speaker is to transform the thinking of workers in this negative world. “Be an orange in a world full of apples” he says in his signature speeches.

This positive mindset can be seen in his talk “Love Of Work Program: Why Employees Need To Love Their Job More Than Ever”. With a 180° change in mindset, workers can fight battles both internally and externally and find a sense of gratitude at work. The C.A.R.E model—commit, allow, remind, enough—and Paulo Tibig’s talent for storytelling will reignite the fire in their hearts so they can find their purpose.

With multiple team-building signature programs, Paulo Tibig is a Filipino public speaker who has helped numerous organizations in the country transform their culture.

Reasons To Book A Professional Public Speaker

When you hear of ‘public speaking’ you probably think of presenting in front of a large crowd. While this is true, a Filipino public speaker also provides personalized training for a small number of people. And if you’re hiring a professional, you will get the best value for your money.

Experienced Communicator

Well-known public speakers in the Philippines are popular for a reason. With their years of experience presenting in front of audiences from varying backgrounds, you can expect them to handle any crowd you provide them with. Whether it’s a room full of aspiring entrepreneurs, corporate workforce, or executives—a Filipino public speaker knows how to capture their hearts and inspire their spirits.

That’s why an experienced communicator such as Paulo Tibig has been invited to countless speaking engagements in the country. From television shows, kick-offs, summits, conferences, team buildings, business plenaries, and general assemblies—he has been acknowledged for his knowledge and experience.

As a seasoned public speaker and motivational speaker, Paulo Tibig’s motivational talks and keynotes have also been heard by pharmaceutical, insurance, real estate, retail, and other industries.

Content Expert In Industry Issues

The reason why Paulo Tibig is well-respected in the industry of public speakers is because of his experiential talks based on real-life experiences. This allows him to identify the main problems in today’s society and provide proven solutions for various organizations.

Before he is a Filipino public speaker, he is a CEO of an established B2B logistics company in the Philippines—VCargo Worldwide—and the head of the Paulo Tibig Corporate Trainings organization. Aside from that, he is also a multi-awarded entrepreneur recognized in the ASEAN Business Awards, Marketing In Asia, and Philippine Marketing Association Agora Awards.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he has the confidence, passion, and commitment to share his learnings as a corporate member, leader, and entrepreneur.

Inspiring And Relatable Storyteller

But aside from being an expert in industry-related topics, a Filipino public speaker also needs to deliver his messages in a relatable way. Otherwise, it’s just like reading a technical book for the audience.

With educational topics that are fun, motivating, and easy to relate to, Paulo Tibig imbibes the “learnjoyment” approach to his signature talks and keynote speeches. This way, he can hold the attention of his audience and offer transformational value through his stories.

For this reason, whether it’s students, young professionals, or seasoned entrepreneurs—his speeches are a success to varying audiences. Other than business strategies, each one of us needs the CHAMP mindset in our lives.

Mentor To Guide Your Team

Successful people won’t be where they are now today without the help of their mentors. Whether it’s a colleague, a manager, a family member, or a professor, all of us have once relied on other people for their advice. As a sounding board for your ideas, they help provide fresh eyes and new perspectives to your plans. If they’re known for their field of expertise, they can also shorten the learning curve of beginners.

That’s why if you’re having trouble managing your team, starting your entrepreneurial journey, or surviving during these changing times, a Filipino public speaker can provide you with a fresh set of eyes. With innovative ideas, proven strategies, and messages that will help you think, Paulo Tibig can provide value for your organization.

Guaranteed Return On Investment

Entrepreneurs will know this, but when it comes to business, investment is risky. You take your chances and pray that you end up with the best results. Sometimes, you hit it big but other times you also lose money. But one thing you won’t regret is investing in your intellectual well-being.

A proverb says that if you give a man fish you will feed him for a day but if you teach him how to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime. For this reason, learning should be a continuous process. While this can be done in a lot of ways, a Filipino public speaker like Paulo Tibig can help your organization broaden its horizons.

After his signature training seminars, you and your employees will be equipped with the right mindset, attitude, and ideas to make your careers and business reach greater heights.

Book An Experienced Filipino Public Speaker: Paulo Tibig!

As a Filipino public speaker, Paulo Tibig can offer his motivational and educational seminars in leadership, entrepreneurship, and team-building. He is also a sought-out keynote speaker for conferences, summits, and business plenaries in the country. With years of experience as a CEO and as a professional communicator, he can deliver messages with transformative value for your organization.

If you’re interested in booking Paulo Tibig, you can click here and learn from the country’s most experienced Filipino leadership speaker!


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