WEEKLY MOTIVATION: Restore Your Relationships

We are coming off from a very emotional and highly charged election season.

Perhaps our difference in opinions, our preference in choosing our next leaders led us to a divide in our workplace.

Maybe we have engaged to debates with colleagues, with others jumping in picking their sides and these escalated to something ugly personal. Relationships were rift apart. Team performance is greatly affected.

Since the results are in, this is the perfect chance to restore our relationships. Start with these: (these are also very applicable to our personal relationships)

If you are on the losing side, express your congratulations, maybe thru words, note or something creative, and affirm that you are moving forward and you are setting aside your differences to preserve and improve your relationships.

Obviously, there are lots of individuals hurting with the results of the polls. If you’re on the winning side,show some sympathy to them. They may not see what you are seeing but know that they are shadowed with uncertainty. The best way to reconnect with them is to give them sincere comfort.

Let us remind ourselves that whatever color we represent in politics, we still carry the banner of our organization. That is enough reason to be united.

Whether it’s personal or professional, relationships always comes first. Let’s focus on what binds us together instead of what separates us apart.

P.S. Taking this opportunity to invite everyone to pray for our new leaders. Let’s also do our part as we work together to build a better nation.


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