Enough of the Reklamation! by Inspirational Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Common complaints we hear at work nowadays:

  1. “Ang hirap magcommute papuntang opisina”
  2. “Nagbawas ng tao, nagdagdadagan tuloy ang trabaho ko.”
  3. “Bagong work assigntment? Ayaw ko nito! Di ako kumportable dito.”
  4. “Work from home nga, pero umaga hanggang gabi naman ang trabaho”
  5. “Work-bahay, work-bahay, paano na ang social life (o lovelife) ko?”

Ikaw? May reklamo ka ba sa trabaho? Remember, majority of the people who lost their work during this pandemic would love to be on your place now. It’s easier to find a candidate fit for your job.

This is not to scare you but to wake you up. BE GRATEFUL for you still have a job!
Sure, your workplace is not in a perfect situation right now but when you CHOOSE to be grateful, you see things in a better perspective and it translates to the quality of your work.
When you do good at work the better your chances to keep your job.

So, by the time you get to your office today, smile at your officemates, look at your to-do list as a list of blessings (as cringy as it may sound, it’s true, those are your blessings!) and enjoy your coffee and meal during breaks for you are blessed to still be able to work.

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