WEEKLY MOTIVATION: Standout Leadership in Crisis

Crisis separates standout leaders from the rest.

While many companies and organizations fold when a huge storm hits, we’ve also seen those who stepped up big and thrived amidst the challenges.

Recently, our motivational speaker shared the honor with 29 great leaders in being distinguished as Philippines’ Top 30 Leaders in LinkedIn.

While this is an important milestone for us. We believe we are called to the mission to exemplify leadership excellence even through the difficult times.

Allow us to lay down the common principles that we share, these are important non-negotiables for every leader to emulate:


We believe that a person’s true character shows when he/she is faced with adversities.
Standout leader’s values remain steadfast even through the trying moments. They prefer to get the job done the ethical way even if it’s the harder way out. It’s all about walking the talk to lead teams by example effectively.

One of the highlights of our Love of Work Program: The importance of “Malasakit” in every organization.
Malasakit is at work when leaders express how much they value employees, when they put the employees first, that means going above and beyond to help them rise above crisis. In return, employees show their “Malasakit” by doing it’s best to help the organization by giving it all at work.


Standout leaders face the tiger in front of them. They don’t back down from the fight and they aim to finish strong.
Yes, struggles hurt them but it only make them tougher. Wounded and bruised they keep going for the prize, the reason? They know it’s not only for themselves, it’s for their team, it’s for the whole organization, it’s for their customers, and most of all, it’s for their families.


Standout leaders doesn’t just step up, they empower others to step up as well. Success is at best when it shared.
By using their voice, by setting the example, by showing the path to take thru coaching, mentoring and other capacity building initiatives in many ways, they raise the next standout leaders in the corporate and business leaders in the country.


Standout leaders are unfazed with pressure. They know how to turn threats to opportunities.
Creativity and resourcefulness is maximized and they remain in the know so they can lead the organization thru the abrupt, rapid changes internally and externally

Anchor your leadership in these 5 pillars so you can lead your teams as well thru crisis.


“Leaders are similar to coffee beans, dip them in hot water and you will know how strong and intense they are.”
Don’t be afraid to standout, The world needs leaders like you!


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