Tara! Coffee tayo! by Inspirational Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Would you agree with me that coffee has become a symbolism of connecting with people?

For many of us Filipinos, it is our way to engage into deep conversations with people. We just love talking over coffee!

Salespeople’s choice to present their product/service are coffee shops, when you like someone and want to get closer with that person, chances are you will invite him/her on a coffee date. How many times did you hear your barkada utter the phrase, “kape tayo!”, maybe countless times already. Coffee just builds this unexplainable connection and it’s great!

Can we also use this coffee culture in our workplace?

I guess we can and this practice will definitely build relationships and will contribute significantly to the organization’s culture. Invite your workmates to a coffee session! You can do this by pair or by group.

Here are some good tips for effective coffee sessions:

(Note: For safety purposes let’s do this virtually at the comfort of our homes after work or every weekend )


Coffee sessions mean mentorship.

Take this chance to learn from your senior may those be life lessons or workplace related. Always remember they will always have experiences that you can learn from.

Having coffee sessions with your bosses communicates your teachability.
A lot of good superiors would want to work with people that they can mold and pass the baton to.


Show the warm and friendly side you. Share stories (not chismis) and engage with your colleagues, make your coffee session a celebration of their success or a safe haven they can lean on when they are down.

Simply put, be the go-to positivity beshie by your colleagues!


Be vulnerable.

Again, them see your social side in your coffee sessions. Maybe you are the strict and very firm boss at work that they fear; show them the side of you that is friendly and approachable, that you’re different on a personal level.

Outside work you are a humble friend to them. Take this chance to also share your knowledge and experiences with them as well. Wear your mentoring hat too!

How about you? How did your coffee sessions create a sound environment at work? You can share them in the comments below!

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