The Four (4) Attributes of a Fully Engaged Employee by Leadership Speaker, Paulo Tibig

With the uncertainties of job security nowadays, it’s just essential to for us to make the most of the opportunity given to us at the moment. The key here is to be fully engaged in our workplace.

To be fully engaged does not mean that you only seek to impress your company. To be fully engaged is about showing gratitude; gratitude that you have your means to live and to provide for your family and gratitude to your employer for not giving up for you.

Being fully engaged is also simply showing that you CARE for the company and that alone resonates to its management.

Show CARE for company by developing these essential attributes!

C- Commit for the Best

  • Make a pledge to give your best and deliver what’s expected from you!

A- Allow Guidance

  • Clear your thoughts and let your company guide you to be more productive at work.

R- Remind Yourself

  • Constantly remember why you are there in the first place. What’s the “why” in what you do?

E- Enough of Complaining

  • Quit moaning and focus on the good about your employer. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts to help you.

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