WEEKLY MOTIVATION: The Long Vacation Syndrome

You are working today coming from a relaxing getaway over the long weekend. The vacation was fun while it lasted but now you are at work feeling all the back to reality blues- all the sad and anxious thoughts are suddenly coming in.

Relate much? You are not alone! Everyone is susceptible to what I call the Long Vacation Syndrome.

How do we battle it when it’s kicking in?

First, put yourself in the state of gratitude. Try journaling your vacation experience. It will help you savor all the happy moments thus helping your body produce positive emotions.

It also helps to share these with your family, friends, officemates so these will stick to your mind thru out the week.

Second, practice mindfulness. I share a lot about this in speaking engagements to many companies and organizations: Get yourself in the zone!

Acknowledge what you feel and be in the game fast. Just do what you do knowing that your negative thoughts will come to pass.

Ask yourself as well, what makes you happy at work? Keep doing it to develop that natural high in you.

And coming fresh from the Holy Week, what are your deep reflections? What is God telling you to do? How can you fulfill your purpose thru your profession? Dwell on it to be fully motivated to live it.

Remember, happiness is not boxed in vacations, staycations and getaways. There is happiness in the workplace too!

Get it in the company of your team, and in doing purpose-driven work.

Deserve mong sumaya sa trabaho mo! 🙂


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