Understand Your Customer’s Personality by Inspirational Speaker, Paulo Tibig

Selling to different prospects/customers is not one size fits all. Different customer personalities needs different approach which require us to understand and adjust to their behavior.

Let me introduce you to these individuals and learn how you can strategize better and effectively sell to different customer behaviors

Dodong Driver (implusive and the wants immediate action)

  • focus on providing solutions
  • be direct and straightforward

Amy Amiable (Engaging and receptive)

  • tell stories of satisfied customers
  • let her tell more insights and opinions

Molly Motivator (Patient and methodical in making decisions)

  • Be patient and precise in your pitch
  • show interest in long term business relationships

Aning Praning (Analytical and detail oriented)

  • be ready with data and facts
  • product knowledge is crucial


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