I am really amazed with many sales professionals. They are some of the most driven individuals in my view. They really push themselves to the limit to bring in results.

But along with this drive sometimes, is the “whatever it takes attitude”. Sales negotiations become unethical wherein you go for the best possible deal for your benefit but the offer does not really address the needs of the customer.

In one of our signature programs, The Sales Masters Program and in many of our sales keynotes and trainings for multiple industries, we impart the ethical way of negotiating. It’s about putting your customer’s interest first. The best result for you is when you are able to serve their requirements.

This will work many wonders for you:

It Shapes Your Character

Being ethical in negotiating exercises you to be passionate in helping people thus leading you to fulfill your purpose as a sales professional

It Solidifies Your Company’s Reputation

By exemplifying the values of your company, you contribute not just the tangible results but you also increase your customer’s conviction that you are the brand of choice

It Builds Lasting Business Relationships

The customer trust that ethical negotiations establish increases the possibilities of repeated businesses. You will be on top of mind, the go-to-guy for your products/services.

It Expands Your Network Organically

Most customers will spread the good word of their experiences with you. This will make way for more business opportunities for you.

With these upsides in check, I hope you always bear in mind to practice ethical negotiations in selling. 🙂


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