One of the lessons I really love sharing to my audience is the importance of being committed at work. It may be a cliché for many but we need to constantly remind ourselves to give our best in our work.

As I look back, I realized that I reaped so much success because I was committed to what I do.

When I graduated high school, I already knew the value of hardwork. I needed to work as a stay in messenger and as a utility man to fund my education.

I needed to juggle my time as a student and as an employee. Imagine those countless, sleepless nights to finish school works and at the same time grind at work. I can’t even remember how many times I fell asleep on my work desk because of exhaustion. It was all worth it as I was able earn my degree.

The value I learned as a working student led me to excel in various corporate jobs which eventually led me to be successful to who I am now in business. It was all about the value of commitment.

Commitment is your first step to success.

Work wholeheartedly and not half-heartedly, after all it’s for you, your organization, your future and your family.