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Filipino Keynote Speaker: Paulo Tibig

The keynote speech is a crucial part of any seminar or conference. Just like in any sheet music, the keynote is the basis for the tone of the whole song. In your event, it gives the audience an idea about what to expect from the whole program. This talk will inspire participants and attract crowds especially if it is done by one of the professional speakers in the Philippines. As an experienced Filipino inspirational speaker, Paulo Tibig can provide a strong and motivational speech that will fit the theme of your event. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Reasons to Hire Paulo Tibig as Your Motivational Keynote Speaker

With his signature “learnjoyment” keynote speeches, keynote marketing speaker, Paulo Tibig is one of the most famous Filipino public speakers today. As a CEO, entrepreneur, and best-selling author he has familiarity with various types of topics. This way, he can deliver inspiring talks for audiences of different ages and backgrounds.

  • Customized Keynotes from Mindset of Champions

“Learnjoyment” is the signature technique of Paulo Tibig. As an experienced business keynote speaker, he can make his speeches relatable and fun while still being educational. With his Mindset of Champions series, he can tailor fit his talks to any organization’s needs.

As a professional keynote speaker, Paulo Tibig understands the needs and problems of any organization in the country. What makes him stand out as a Filipino motivational speaker is his Mindset Of Champion Keynotes framework which includes the following:

  • Core: The mindset and grit to grow your skills.
  • Customers: Improving customer relationships.
  • Product/Services: Finding a unique value in what you offer
  • Strategies: Increasing sales productivity in your team
  • Result: Achieving concrete results and improving your strategies
  • Experience in Speaking Engagements

The CHAMP principle—commitment, hard work, attitude, motivation, and prayer—is needed not just by entrepreneurs but also by any individual that wants to reach his or her goals in life. With this, Paulo Tibig can motivate your seminar participants to be the best they can be whether they’re businessmen, corporate employees, artists, or freelancers.

As a sought-out Filipino keynote speaker, Paulo Tibig has been to numerous speaking engagements in the country both in-person and virtually. He has presented his keynote speeches in companies from the insurance, pharmaceutical, retail, real-estate, FMCGs, and other industries. Comfortable in front of small and sizeable audiences, he has been on large conferences, kick-off events, general assemblies, summits, and business plenaries.

With multiple keynote speech roles in his career, Paulo Tibig can inspire participants in your important event.

  • CEO and Award-winning Entrepreneur

All of his success can be attributed to his experience as a leader on his own. As the CEO of his own company, he knows the strategies and tactics of managers and mentors. Not only is he the head of the Paulo Tibig Corporate Trainings but also of VCargo Worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience, he is more than capable to inspire your team to greater heights.

Aside from sharing with you the secrets of great leaders, Paulo Tibig is also an award-winning entrepreneur. He has been given the honor by Marketing in Asia as one of the 70 personalities to follow in LinkedIn in 2020.

In 2014, he has been given the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’, and ‘Most Admired ASEAN Enterprise’ in the Young Entrepreneur Catagory by the ASEAN Business Awards. That same year, he also received the ‘Outstanding Achievement In Entrepreneurship’ award from the Philippine Marketing Association Agora Awards.

  • Best-Selling Book Author

With his commitment to sharing knowledge and experience with other people, Paulo Tibig is not just a leader, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. In addition to that, he is also a best-selling book author. You could say that his book ‘Standout: How To Lead Without Losing Your Values’ is a speech written by a Filipino speaker through storytelling.

His love for telling stories extends to his role as a Filipino keynote speaker too. This allows him to engage all types of audiences from different industries, roles, age groups, and interests. This way, the usual serious topics would be made more fun, motivating, memorable, and close to the heart.

Why Do You Need a Filipino Keynote Speaker for Your Event?

A conference would be more successful with a leadership keynote speaker as a part of your event. With a veteran entrepreneur and accomplished communicator, Paulo Tibig can make your event more credible by providing a memorable experience for your participants.

  • Attract and Draw in Participants

If you hire a leadership keynote speaker, keynote speeches can help your event attract and draw in participants. Especially with a motivational keynote speaker that has spoken on various platforms such as television, conference halls, or virtual events. In some cases, just the name of a prestigious communicator can boost registration numbers.

Because of the impact and success of his talks in addition to his reputation as a keynote speaker, Paulo Tibig can help you stimulate the interest of potential attendees whether you’re having a large event or a company-only seminar.

In addition to his knowledge and expertise in topics related to leadership, business, and entrepreneurship, his keynote speech at the start of your event can heighten your attendees’ interest in the rest of the program.

  • Engage and Inspire Audiences

Another role of a motivational keynote speaker is to retain the interest of your audience for the event. Essentially, a keynote speech is supposed to set the tone for the succeeding activities. Because it is tailored depending on the theme of your seminar, the listeners will know what to expect next.

Paulo Tibig can captivate your audience with powerful storytelling skills, no matter how small or large it is. Because he can make his talks relatable and understandable for different types of audiences. For example, he can tell you to be the orange among apples and you will ask the reason why. This capacity to connect allows him to hold their attention for the rest of the talk.

This way Paulo Tibig can draw effective interaction and engagement from the audience. With the capacity to build energy inside a room of individuals with varying experiences and traits, he can spark interest and light a fire from inside them.

  • Provide Value to The Main Topic

Aside from attracting and engaging the audience with his presence, a keynote speaker can also explore a new idea that will interest listeners. Because they can introduce other perspectives, companies that are engaged in routine work can veer away from stagnant thinking and see opportunities and possibilities.

The content of his signature keynote speeches is customized to fit the ideas and issues that are important for your event. But one thing remains the same. Because of the prevalent negativity in the world, your audience needs self-motivation and the mindset of a champion!

With his keynote speeches, Paulo Tibig can add enormous value to your event’s main theme, whether it’s about improving leadership skills, growing a business, or achieving personal goals in people’s careers.

  • Combine Motivational and Educational Speaking

If you’re familiar with business-themed seminars, some of them have talks that provide technical information about the industry. While these are informationally rewarding, having a series of educational seminars can be quite overwhelming. That’s why in some multi-day conferences in the country, organizations hire a Filipino keynote speaker to set the tone for each day while making it fun and interesting.

With the ability to combine serious topics and add a touch of storytelling, Paulo Tibig is a seasoned communicator you can hire as your main keynote speaker for your event. His Mindset Of Champions Keynotes includes topics based on the CHAMP principle so your attendees will learn something new.

But with the approach of “learnjoyment”, he can make his keynote speech much more relatable and fun! For this reason, his talks are one of the best ways you can start a day of learning.

  • Create A Memorable Experience

With all these benefits provided by an excellent Filipino keynote speaker, your event will be a huge success. With a high number of attendees, an engaged audience, value-based topics, and a dose of self-motivation for everyone—your guests will have a good memory of your seminar.

With a fruitful event, your employees, students, and guests will take their learning home and bring it with them to work. It may be a changed perspective, a desire to develop a skill, a leadership tactic to try, or a sales strategy—new techniques and ideas can cure a stagnant way of thinking and create a path to growth and success.

And you can do all that with the most trusted leadership keynote speaker in the Philippines, Paulo Tibig!

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Paulo Tibig’s signature keynote speech series, the Mindset Of Champions can provide your participants with the right mental attitude for the rest of your event. With self-motivated attendees that are willing to learn and develop their skills, your conference, summit, kick-off, team building, general assembly, and business plenary will be the most memorable one yet.

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