Ikot-ikot Lang by Sarah G

“Ikot-Ikot Lang” has become more than just a hit single by Sarah G.

It has also become a buzzword in the workplace. It refers to colleagues who exhibit certain behaviors that hinder their productivity and overall contribution to the organization.

Colleagues are called as ” Sarah G” or “Ikot-ikot Lang” when:

1. Chika-Minute
2. Busy-Busyhan
3. Mindless Browsing
4. Levi’s 501 – whether it’s waiting to clock out or being the first to leave while arriving late.
5. Over-Break Addressing

“Ikot-Ikot Lang” behaviors in the workplace is crucial for fostering a culture of productivity and efficiency.

By recognizing and understanding these behaviors, we can help individuals develop the discipline needed to overcome them.

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