FREE EVENT: How To Effectively Run a Company Kickoff Event

Did you know that most people forget 90% of what they learn within just 7 days?

It’s a high time right now that we are organizing our kickoff events to motivate and capacitate our teams for the achieval of our corporate and business objectives.

But how do we create a sustainable impact to our teams? Kickoff maybe just a one or two days event, how will it matter and convert to their optimal performance for the rest of the year?

Join us for a FREE webinar,

How to Effectively Run a Company Kickoff Event

Tuesday, December 20

Allow me to help you out as I uncover my strategies to effectively run a successful kickoff event for your organization. For years, these have worked to many companies and businesses that I engaged with, now it’s time you bring the same kickoff outcomes to yours 😊

This free event is highly recommended for

– Company/Business leaders

– Sales Leaders

– Key Management

– HR Professionals

Only 2 attendees per company is allowed

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Unit 1, Vcargo Worldwide Warehouse, 1242 A. Sandoval Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila