Many of us aspire to STANDOUT in our company. Whether it is because we want better chances of promotion, more career opportunities or we simply want some recognition, most of us just have that competitive to excel in what we do for our company. Many thinks that to be able to standout means to be the most skillful and knowledgeable amongst the rest. While it’s true that excellence is important, ethics cannot be left out of the equation. There are still lots of corporate professionals out there who show brilliance in their workplace but lack that character, values and integrity. Instead of being petiks.. · Someone who bums instead of giving attention to his work · Robs the company of time · Dumps the load of work to his/her subordinates LET US SHOW ETHICS TO STANDOUT IN OUR WORKPLACE · You treat the company like It’s your own · You do what’s best even if no one is looking · You are honest even on the little things How about you? How do you show ethics in your workplace? Comment below!