Time Out Muna! Why Rest is Essential to be More Efficient at Work

We saw it all over the news, our medical frontliners are asking for time out. They are getting extremely exhausted as hospitals are reaching their full capacity because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Why is this break so essential? It’s really elementary to think why rest is important but how does rest really help us to hustle at work at the highest level. I’m gonna share to you some benefits of having a quality rest. Recharge Think of the body as a race car, even if you are a Ferrari or a Maclaren, you will always need pit stops to win a race or else your parts will tear down and your fuel will run out. The car with the best condition (and of course the one with the best driver) always wins. Similar with our bodies, we need to take breaks.  To stay on top of our game in our everyday grind, to be able to think clearly, to be able to be fully healthy as we do our duties, we must strike that balance between resting and being productive. Recalibrate Resting allows us to take a back seat and evaluate what we are currently doing. This is the chance to reflect if what we are doing is currently working or not and from there, come up with a renewed strategy to align our work to meet objectives. Recenter Resting also gives us the chance to go back to our purpose in life, that you are not working just for the sake of your obligation to perform. Of course, the passion will always be there but resting brings us back to our "why". I guess, for the majority of us, our "why" in working is to be able to provide for our families. We can go a long way and create breakthroughs after breakthroughs in our career when we are inspired and motivated inside. Have a productive week and may you find your much needed rest along the way! - Let me bring my signature programs to your company! Message or email us at paulotibigcorporatetrainings@gmail.com for bookings and inquiries. Join our growing professional community: ,,Workplace Excellence PH ,,Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more relevant topics. :)