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Meron ka bang pinapaboran sa trabaho?

Iilan lang ang pinakikisamahan mo?

As a leader, maybe you are giving perks exclusively to a few or even to a certain team member only?

I get it, it’s easy to be so impressed with other’s skills, it’s easy to favor people who agrees with you or jives with your personality, but don’t fall to the trap of favoritism!

I shared this in my latest book, Standout: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values,

The tendency of favoritism is to favor only the good, the friend and the best. It’s your biased perception that results to imbalanced favors. Lamang lagi ang bet mo.

Of course we should always maintain good relationships with our team, but draw a boundary line. Don’t put up a wall but operate a gate. You don’t close yourself, instead open the gate for everyone to enter and when they come in you welcome them and give them equal treatment.

Develop an eye for everyone and practice discerning whom to give attention to because they need it for the moment. This is one of the vital soft skills of standout leaders.

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