There is a growing trend online on what is called “Quiet Quitting”

To keep it simple, it’s about having no intention of quitting work as of the moment but maybe because of the feeling of burnout, “nadala ka na” and you don’t go the extra mile anymore.

Now, I truly value having life after work. As a leader, I usually remind other leaders to have empathy towards their members. We should not treat people like emotionless machines.

But I hope that when we fight for having life outside work, we don’t use it as an excuse to perform less than what’s expected from us. We need to still do our best, after all, our work is still our means to have a great life, right? These cannot be separated.

Yes, it’s possible to have a great work-life balance. First ask yourself if what you’re into is giving you a sense of fulfillment. You have to love what you do or else learn how to love what you do.

Second, learn how to communicate your feelings. As leaders need to develop more empathy, you need to have more transparency. Most of the time, your problems with your work lingers because you can’t even handle tough conversations. (Learn how to handle tough conversations in my previous article: https://www.linkedin.com/…/handling-tough…/

Treat your work not as an obstacle but rather an instrument to do or achieve what you want in life.


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